How to host a fun gender reveal party

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Cute decor for making your gender reveal party more fun

Baby showers are so passé

The baby shower trend of the 21st century is definitely gender reveal parties. Co-ed baby showers were kind of a “thing” for a bit but that’s pretty much over now. The baby event that’s huge and everywhere on Instagram, Facebook and beyond, is definitely everybody’s fave, the baby gender reveal.

So, how do you pull off hosting a fun and welcoming gender reveal? It’s actually a pretty simple concept: you host a party with anyone and everyone you want to invite—both male and female guests—and reveal the sex of your (or your friend’s) baby in a creative and compelling way.

Whether you make it a grand affair with a long guest list or an intimate gathering with just your closest people, there are key aspects of a gender reveal that you should know about.

All that said, this is a truly modern event, so there are no hard and fast rules. You can opt to host it over afternoon tea in your garden, fancy dinner in a restaurant, or simply casual finger foods and cake at your house. Friends and family will be content to share and celebrate your happy news.

Here are a few basics to keep in mind for a fun gender reveal…
Making the big reveal

Keep in mind that the highlight of this event is most definitely always the gender reveal. It’s what everyone from your mother to your BFF is dying to know. Make them wait for it! Don’t begin the party at 4pm and make the reveal at 4:01. Draw out the excitement and dream up some guessing games or a little carefree group gamble on whether the baby is a boy or a girl. You can divide up the group into ‘team girl’ and ‘team boy’, and pit them against each other with various fun games.

When you’re ready to reveal the exciting gender reveal news, remember that you can do it in a variety of fun and creative ways. One common method is via food, for example slicing into a white-frosted cake with pink or blue inside. Sometimes the parents don’t know the sex of the baby, either, so it will be news to them, too. The parents can arrange to get a sealed note from the ultrasound and give to the host to sort out the reveal plans and details. Search the tag #genderreveal on Instagram—there are literally a million colourful and wild ideas there.

More gender reveal ideas to inspire you:
  • Fill opaque balloons with pink or blue confetti and pop them for the reveal
  • Pregnant mother lifts her shirt to reveal a painted message on her belly
  • Piñata filled with pink or blue items
  • Opening an envelope
  • Write a song or poem with the reveal in it
  • Pink or blue silly string
  • Confetti poppers
  • Check out special sites and stores that specialize in gender reveal products
What about gifts?

Gender neutral baby gifts is one way to go in this case, since no one will know the sex of the baby beforehand. Perhaps you can come up with a gift theme, like diapers, books, or other genderless items. We bet you can come up with some fresh ideas yourself.

Emerald Events is always happy to help with the planning, hosting, and idea generation for fun and joyous gender reveal parties, so keep us in mind if you need any help for your own!

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