Five apps to make your party planning easier

Smartphones and social media have made it easier than ever to stay connected with friends and family. That doesn’t always mean spending time with them in the real-world, though. Well, your phone can help you with that, too.  There are some super handy apps out there to help you choose a good date, send invites, update everyone, and more easily organize your special event. Here are five apps Emerald Events really likes. 


Trying to organize even just a group of friends together for a casual get-together can be difficult. You know how hard it can be to find a date that works for everybody. Doodle (for Android and iOS) comes to the rescue. 

Through this scheduling app, you can suggest a few dates and times for your get-together, and then your invited guests can vote on which date and time suits them best. 

If you upgrade from free to a premium account, you can add more abilities like ad removal and emails that automatically remind invitees to RSVP, etc. Super easy and stress-free. 


Meetup is one of the most popular apps of its kind out there. It helps you find and attend events in your area with people who share your unique interests, hobbies, and needs. Not only that, but you can use the app to create your own get togethers. It’s mainly geared towards those who want to meet and gather together people you don’t know yet, rather than close friends.


Love it or hate it, Facebook can be an incredibly useful app for getting people together and spreading the word. Almost everyone you know, from your second cousin Ed to your favourite rock star, already has an account. The ‘Events’ feature of the app is really easy to use and can serve as a helpful home base. 

Once you set up an Events page for your shindig, you can use it to message all of your guests at once, or discover who’s seen your event listing, who still has to RSVP, etc. Your guests can post messages and photos to the event page, too.

Google Calendar

Google’s Calendar App is hugely popular and easy to use. Google Calendar (for Android and iOS) It lets you create your own events, describe it in detail, and invite your friends and family who have Google accounts—which is probably 99% of them. It also some cool extra features—you can host a Google hangouts video call that all your guests or fellow event planners can join. 

Eventbrite Organizer

One of the most comprehensive party planners is the Eventbrite Organizer (for Android and iOS). It’s designed to assist you in planning even large events and offers professional-level results. It offers options for super-sharp looking event listings, multiple ways to contact invitees, and the ability to create and sell digital tickets. 

If you’re organizing something simple like a retirement party or reunion, this app will be too much. However, if it’s an event involving tickets, then this app if your polished and professional looking go-to. 




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