How to make your wedding smaller in response to the Coronavirus

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Inspiration for a small backyard wedding 

Are you one of the many engaged couples in 2020 who has to make their wedding smaller as a result of Covid-19?

In this time of Covid-19 and unknown next few months, many events like weddings are being delayed or outright canceled.  Couples are having to reinterpret their wedding and make them smaller, more intimate celebrations to accommodate either a different venue, a new budget, or safer social distancing. Whatever the cause, we’re here to help you do it. You simply need a strategy in place to help you reduce your wedding guest list in an efficient and diplomatic way.

You may also be concerned about hurting the people that you care about, but remember that these are unusual and unprecedented circumstances. Most people will be compassionate and understanding.

Here’s our list of helpful suggestions for reducing your wedding guest list.

Set a reduced guest list number

To begin, decide on the number of guests you can accommodate. Talk to your venue in order to get clear on their numbers and any restrictions so you have a safe number to aim for.

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Emerald Events intimate backyard wedding

Determine your VIPs

No matter what the size of your wedding, you will always have a “must-invite list”.  This is usually your immediate family members and their significant others, your closest friends and family, and any other people you cannot imagine getting married without including. Make a must-invite list!

Decide who’s easiest to cut

Once you’ve created your “must-invite” list, work out how many available spots you have left for your venue. You can will those spots with other close circle of people from your “other” list. Some people who may be easier to cut include friends or family who you haven’t been in touch with for many years, work friends, and plus-ones. Have your parents or in-laws added names to the original guest list? Ask if they’d be willing to cut some names from that list as well.

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Emerald Events small backyard wedding details

Check in with your guests

Check in with the guests who are still on your list. You can do this via phone or email, or send out a survey for everyone to answer. Ask them who knows they will be able to attend. There may be a few who aren’t able to travel or have risk factors, like elderly guests. If so, you can fill in their spots with other friends and family on your alternate list.

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Be open and honest

Once you’ve created your new, smaller guest list, you have to let your previously-invited guests know. We know that’s not an easy prospect. The best way to do this is by reaching out to each person with a phone call or video chat. Share the dilemma honestly, and let them know how sad you are that they won’t be able to join you. If you plan on live-streaming the event, let them now they can take part in that.

It’s clear that having to cut your wedding guest list thanks to the Coronavirus isn’t an easy prospect, but try to go with the flow and bring back the excitement about what will still be your magical day!

Any questions? Reach out to us anytime!

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