Fun Virtual Party Ideas While Social Distancing

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Birthdays are still happening, babies are still being born, and students are still graduating.
Thankfully, modern technology lets us still connect with friends and family even when we’re miles away or unable to gather too closely.
Let’s remember to make time to create magical memories and keep our loved ones’ spirits up during current uncertain times. 
We’ve put together some modern ideas for hosting virtual parties during Coronavirus and social distancing. 

Emerald Events can help with ideas + planning

Whether it’s a retirement party, bridal shower, wedding, or virtually any other celebration (virtual or in-person), feel free to give us a call or email and we’ll help you create a special celebration that you and your guests will never forget. We’re always happy to take care of the details for you 

Pick a platform 


Zoom lets you video chat with up to 100 people (!!), use fun virtual backgrounds, and chat for up to 40 minutes and it’s free. You’ll get a ‘Personal Meeting ID’ and then you can share the link with your party guests so they can join at the scheduled time. Easy. 


Skype has been a trusted method of video chatting for many years. Most of your family and friends will likely have it. It’s free, easy to use, and lets you up to 50 people at a time. 


This is a good option if all of your guests have iPhones or iPads. Your pals on Android will miss out, though. 


Send digital invitations 

There are so many fun options for digital invitations for virtually any kind of event. Most are easy to edit, personalize, and send. Just text or email them to your guestlist, and you’re done. INvites are a great way to set the mood and scene of your party and they give your guests all of the necessary details for your virtual party.

Drop off goodie bags on every doorstep

One of the best things about birthday parties and other celebrations is the goodie bags! We can’t gather for parties right now, but a great way to make birthdays or any other celebration special is to put together goodie bags for all of your friends (or kid’s friends) and deliver them on their doorsteps.

For young kids’ parties, you can give them noisemakers, party favours, beads, snacks, and cute jewelry, etc. You can invite the kids to share their goodie bags toys with each other over the video call. They can watch each other play from a safe distance.

For adults, you can give them mini bottles of Prosecco, champagne or fine spirits. Card games and books make great favours, too. 

Fun photoshoot + virtual backgrounds

Another fun idea is to do a photoshoot with a vibrant and cool photo backdrop wall. If you can’t leave the house as a family, simply set up a fun photo backdrop wall. Super popular all over Pinterest, you can find customizable options on Canva. People can wear funny hats, big sunglasses, and other fun photo ops. 

Let them eat cake

Make a delicious birthday dessert and drop off a slice to each guest (along with the goodie bags). Birthday cake is a delicious way to make everyone feel included in the celebration.  If you need some inspiration for birthday desserts, check out Bon Appetit’s EPIC list of cake ideas and recipes

If you’re not into baking, you can support your favourite local bakery by ordering a personalized cake and/or other desserts for your party. Lots of local bakeries are getting creative with take-out or delivery options—that would be a perfect surprise for your loved one celebrating a birthday or special occasion. 

Dress-up parties for any age

A dress-up party is always fun for kids and the young at heart. Even if you can’t get together in real life, you can have fun dressing up and everyone can show off their outfit. Bring out the feather boas, wigs, hats, and everyone can get creative over Zoom, Facetime, or Skype. .  

At-home virtual parties can be just as fun as the real thing

Emerald Events can help you get creative and find ways to still have fun while social distancing. All of us have birthdays and holidays coming up, so why not make the best of things?

Reach out to us anytime for any help with one of your at-home festivities.


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