How Post-Covid Weddings are Changing the Game


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We know you’re had it up to here with Zoom birthdays and postponed get togethers. The good news is that larger in-person events are finally on the horizon!

We’ve been giving some thought as to what the “new normal” might look like for weddings and other large events post-Covid. COVID has affected everything about weddings and even planning. From food choices to live music to venues, we’ve been reimagining everything to make sure its safe and enjoyable for all. The pandemic has given us all new priorities and intentions. There are some pandemic-related changes that are so good, they’re here to stay.

5 post-COVID wedding trends

Smaller weddings, smaller guest lists

Lockdown restrictions has spurred couples to reduce their guest lists and switch to ‘minimonies’, elopements, and what we call “micro-weddings” held in backyards, etc. It has also forced couples to be much more intentional about who they invite — we  think that’s trend that should continue. Why invite your second cousin Maude who you haven’t seen in 15 years? (No offence, Cousin Maude) We still enjoy larger events, but smaller ones will be the new normal for a while yet. Remember that with a reduced guest list, you can create some incredible experiences for yourselves and your lucky guests!

All about the ceremony

The fact that people had had to postpone their weddings means that more couples have realized what an incredible, meaningful thing it is to  validate their pairing in front of their loved ones. The result has been a renewed focus and importance on the ceremony. There are so many ways to make your vows more special and memorable, so take the time to make it momentous and joyous.

Bold colours!

After so long being quarantined and isolated, people are more than ready to celebrate in style! We are seeing couples make bolder choices with colour, as an expression of their joy and thankfulness in making it through this scary time. We think we’ll see more bold colour and choices for flowers, dresses, decors, and much more.

Wedding fashion is changing, too

COVID has created a shake-up in wedding fashion in more ways than just colour. We’ve seen brides choosing dresses that are true show stoppers. Something really special that can be worn in multiple ways. You still get to be glamourous and feel like your most elegant, beautiful self.

Outdoor + garden weddings

One fo the biggest trends has been open-air outdoor venues for weddings. Bonus is that they provide additional safety and protection for guests as well as much more space for  distancing. After we go back to indoor spaces, we think outdoor weddings will continue to be a well-loved choice. Garden weddings are really the ultimate choice right now, as they offer an intimate and visually stunning backdrop for your very special event.

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