Top 10 questions to ask your wedding planner!

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Wedding planners will be ready to answer any of those burning questions you may have…

This handy list of questions will help you find out which wedding planner is the perfect fit.

You’ll want to choose a wedding planner who’s not only super organized and professional but also makes you feel comfortable and looked after. The initial meeting with them should really be more of a conversation—a good planner will have some questions for you as well, so they can find out more about your wishes, needs, budget, etc. Make sure you choose someone who listens well and has some really good testimonials and references.

With those things in mind, here are 10 questions to ask and why each one matters:

First off, are you available on our wedding date?

Why this matters: This should definitely be your first question, because if they aren’t available on your date, you won’t want to waste time by asking them anymore questions. If your dates are flexible and you get a sense that it’s a great fit with the planner, you can ask them for a few date options and see if any of them work for you.

What’s the cost of the average wedding you plan?

Why this matters: It’s important to check their prices and see if it fits your range. Sometimes planners will set a minimum wedding budget that they work with. And if you haven’t set a budget yet, this question can give you an idea of what you might need to budget.

What types of services do you offer?

Why this matters: It’s good idea to ask for an explanation of the ways they can help with your wedding planning. Once you know those options, you can make the call on what level of planning would suit you best. Will you want day-of coordination or A-Z planning help from start to finish?

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The best way to find the perfect wedding planner is to ask some key questions…

How many weddings have you planned?

Why this matters: You’ll want to find someone who’s planned at least a few weddings, but preferably many, so they have pretty much seen it all. It’s also awesome if they’ve planned other kinds of parties and corporate events, too.

Have you planned any other weddings at our venue?

Why this matters: It’s not essential but it’s a big plus if they’ve planned events at your venue before—they will probably be familiar with the staff, layout, and other details. Additionally, they may have some great tips and ideas for design in the space, etc. You can ask to see photos of the weddings they’ve planned in that space so you can start to envision your own wedding.

Do you have specific vendors/pros that you like to work with?

Why this matters: A few related questions to ask is how you’ll be involved in the vendor selection process, and if it’s possible for the wedding planner to snag you any special client discounts. You want to make sure they’re choosing the best people to send your way, so jot down some names of people they like to work with, then do some of your own research afterwards.

Do you do destination weddings?

Why this matters: If you plan on a wedding in Mexico or some other beautiful spot, be sure to ask the planner if they will not only travel to plan your wedding, but if they have experience planning a wedding from afar. Keep in mind that it requires an extra bit of savvy and organization.

What is the most incredible wedding you’ve ever planned?

Why this matters: When they show you details and maybe a few pictures of a really special wedding they’ve planned, it will give you a great sense of their style and approach. This is a great chance for the planner to show off exactly how creative they can really be.

How do you stay calm under pressure and deal with wedding day disasters?

Why this matters: It’s smart to ask how your planner might handle wedding mishaps, unexpected troubles, and stay cool and collected amidst the stress. Hopefully they will reassure you that they have great backup plans, stay super organized to prevent problems, and have solutions for unexpected issues. Good event planners are great problem solvers and know how to think on their feet!

Do you have any initial ideas for how to pull off our wedding day vision?

Why this matters: Once you start working together, you’ll get into the specifics and every beautiful detail, but at this initial stage, it’s great if the planner has a few top-of-mind ideas for how they might pull off your vision for a rustic country wedding under the stars vision, for example. They should have a few great ideas to throw at you in terms of venue or design details. You’ll know if it feels like a good fit.

Now, do you have a few burning questions of your own that you’d like to ask Emerald Events? Maureen is not only a seasoned pro at creating gorgeous weddings, but she’s also always more than happy to fill you in on all the deets! 

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