Here’s how to create easy and pretty DIY floral arrangements

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Peonies are a perfect choice for florals thanks to their beautiful abundant blooms

We’re serving up blooming style for summer with pretty floral arrangements and simple tips to inspire your next event.

When you think of floral design, you probably think of getting help from an experienced florist to decorate a large venue with fresh blooms and colour. Floral arrangements are a crucial element for event décor, and when you’re planning a big party event planners can help you create the concept and find resources. That said, if you want to create something beautiful on a smaller scale, we’ve got some great tip below to help you create unforgettable floral arrangements.
Emerald Events’ simple guide to DIY floral arrangements
flowers, florals, events, table, place settings

These vintage bottles and vases make a beautiful floral arrangement

Step 1:

Create a collection of vases on your table—you can line them up or make a more circular, random collection. Try to choose ones that have a theme in terms of colour, shape, or style is best. Ceramics with organic shapes are having a moment, and another of our favourite options is glass bottles in all shapes and sizes, or vintage tins in a range of colours.

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Enjoy the process of creating personal, unique floral arrangements

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We love an endless supply of floral inspiration…

Step 2:


Fill your table of vases with large, voluminous blooms like peonies, hydrangeas, or lilacs. The narrower the top of the vase, the larger and wider the bloom should be to help fill it out and match scale.

flowers, floral, bouquets, events, florist, Vancouver events

Make sure to add greenery and foliage to your flowers for texture and volume

Step 3:

To soften the arrangements, add in some airy, textural greens and foliage like delicate ferns or coin eucalyptus. The greenery adds dimension and volume. Our favourite option is adding a hint of delphinium and/or myrtle. So pretty!

place setting, floral, flowers, arrangements, events

Place a single bloom or tiny bouquet to a place setting

Step 4:

Set the table, making sure to add personal touches like a menu, if you have one, and a fresh bloom to each setting. It really helps to tie the whole look and table together.

candles, tables, events, place settings

Candles are the perfect way to add an intimate and close vibe

Step 5:

Want a soft glow and intimate vibe? Layer in candles amongst the flowers on the table. Even if it’s a daytime event, flickering candlelight adds warmth and ambiance.

place setting, table, events, calligraphy

Hand-drawn place cards and menus add a personal touch

Step 6:

Adding personalized, thoughtful touches will make your guests feel welcome and seen. DIY touches like calligraphy guest names at each place setting adds style and helps your guests easily find their seats.

There’s always endless floral inspiration in places like Pinterest and Instagram, so start googling and start planning. Need help? Get in touch with is anytime!

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