Easy and low-key romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day

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An easy low-key V-Day isn’t any less romantic

Valentine’s Day is one of our favourite holidays. We’re diehard romantics. That said, it’s a day that tends to come with a lot of pressure for some couples—especially engaged couples who are in the midst of wedding planning.

Go for a low-key Valentine’s Day this year with some of these simple ideas…
Dinner at home

Why not skip the crowded restaurants? Enjoy a chill night at home with a bottle of your favourite Prosecco. Cook her a favourite recipe, or make dinner together. Or, you could get in to your comfiest clothes and order a pizza. What really matters is spending time with your loved one, right?

Write them a love letter

The lost art of letter writing is probably the most romantic gesture of all. Pour your heart out into a card or pretty note paper, and hand it to your love on Valentine’s night over champagne.

Take a hike together!

Are you and your partner active and love the outdoors? You could head out for a romantic hike and connect with serenity of nature. You get  fresh air, a cleared mind, some exercise ,and zero wedding planning stress. Bring along a sweet picnic and spread out a blanket somewhere with a nice view.


Whatever you opt to do this Valentine’s Day, remember that it doesn’t have to be a big to-do in order to be romantic and meaningful! Low-key romance is always good.

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