A Wedding Taken by Storm

August 29th, 2015

This was the day that Vancouver and the entire Lower Mainland was taken by storm. It also happened to be the day of Sara and Tim’s wedding.

Trees were falling all over the Lower Mainland

It was mid-morning, as Sara and Tim were getting ready for their wedding, that the massive windstorm hit. All across the Lower Mainland, over 500,000 customers were left in the dark. The majority of which were in Surrey, where Sara and Tim just so happened to be getting married.

Nothing was going to stop this wedding

Before I called the bride to tell her what was going on, I made sure we had a plan in place. After several attempts to reach the venue, I managed to get through via private cell phone numbers.

So many weddings and other events were cancelled that day, but not this wedding. Even though Morgan Creek Golf Course had closed their doors, they didn’t leave the bride and groom stranded.

“We never considered cancelling the wedding. We had to make an effort.” – Karen Morgan, Director of Food and Beverage

The Wedding

I grabbed any and all candles and lanterns of my own that I could and brought them to the venue. Morgan Creek had pulled their staff together from not just the banquet staff, but all departments to make this day come together. Generators were found, lanterns and batteries were bought, and Christmas decorations were pulled out.

If I thought Maureen was worth every penny before, I soon realized that she was actually worth her weight in gold. – Sara Christie, The Bride

The large windows of the room helped to bring in the daylight and Christmas lights were strung along the ceiling in place of the unworking chandeliers.

Twinkling lights ended up creating the perfect ambience

As for the food, luckily the bride and groom were planning on having a cocktail style reception which made it easy for the chef to still make it possible with a few minor changes. So, out came the BBQ!

By around 7:30 PM the power had finally come back on. Guests had enjoyed the atmosphere so much that they requested the chandeliers be turned back off, and just the Christmas lights be left on.

Although the weather was disastrous, Sara and Tim’s wedding was extraordinary.

“despite everything, through her efforts (and our other amazing vendors) we had a beautiful, classy wedding full of love, laughter and romance.” – Sara Christie, The Bride

The lovely couple enjoying their stormy day


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