Authentic & Local Artisan Wedding Show

Being the Principle of Emerald Events has been the culmination of my professional dreams. My background is in the restaurants and hotels, although I have been helping friends with planning and executing their weddings and events for many years. Five years ago I was given the amazing opportunity to leave my full time job and peruse an education at BCIT that would allow me to open my own event planning company. I have done many weddings and everyone of them has been wonderful and has had its own personality. The weddings that really stand out to me are the ones where the bride and groom’s personality have been able to shine through with the help of amazing vendors.

A planning team is so important but It is also the hard work of a collective of wonderful vendors who working together with the singular focus on the couple and how they can showcase them and their special day.
Working in the wedding industry for the last five years I have had the pleasure to meet and work with amazing vendors many who have become friends as well as colleagues. I have been thinking of a wedding show for a number of years that will allow my vendor friends to showcase their contributions that are special, local and authentic.

Vendors who take pride in their products and work with a couple on a one on one basis make a huge impact. If an artisan can create a unique piece using their distinctive talent it holds so much love and good wishes for the couple’s future. Vendors who provide a personal service like a DJ or Make Up artist will have the opportunity to meet with the couple (or bride) and get to know them and bring their dreams to reality.
Planning a wedding can seem like a lot of work, with the help of fabulous vendors who have the bride and groom first and foremost in their mind everything will come together and be smooth and seamless. We are so happy to put together the Local and Artesian Wedding Show it will allow couples to connect with exceptional vendors.

Location: Surrey but travels throughout BC.

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Surrey, British Columbia