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“It’s not what I do, it’s how I do it that creates truly unique Wedding Celebrations.”

This is my belief and it defines me not only as a Disc Jockey, a Master of Ceremonies, but has a Wedding Entertainment Specialist.  

It all starts with my approach. My belief is all weddings celebrations are truly unique. It is also a celebration where music and entertainment plays a huge role. The other key part in a wedding, and because it is just a “one day” event with no “do overs”, the need for coordination and planning is paramount. 

Second to a House and a Car, your wedding will be one of your biggest investments of your lives together.  Having a Team to keep everything in check and providing you Peace of Mind the day of is absolutely priceless.   I recommend to all couples the importance of hiring the right Event Planner.  

The right planner will help you with your priorities and invest your time and money into the services that have the biggest impact on your Wedding Day.  Your professional Event Planner and in coordination with your Disc Jockey and Master of Ceremonies will do whatever it takes to ensure a Wedding Celebration becomes “Uniquely You”.  Days and years after your wedding your guests will not remember the party favours, chair covers, or decor… they will remember the overall Experience that was created by everything coming together seamlessly and effortlessly.  Your Ceremony, Grand Entrance, Cake Cutting, First Dance, Epic Dance Floor, and how two families were able to come together in one big Wedding Celebration is what guests remember most.  Your Planner, DJ, and your MC will become your best investment and driving force of what will arguably be the biggest day of your lives.

I personally specialize in Disc Jockey and MC Services and for Planning Services always refer couples to Maureen Brown of Emerald Events.   A Team that has the Experience, Reputation, and Creativity of knowing each other and working together often is very powerful.  I call it the “Dream Team“.  Please check out Maureen’s website for more details on the valuable services her and her team can provide for your Wedding.

Please Check out my Blog on hiring professionals Vendors and Prioritizing your Wedding the right way.

My Philosophy

I like to meet at a place close and comfortable to the Bride and Groom. I like coffee shops or local restaurants that are quite. It gives us the opportunity to talk, laugh, and discuss openly what will will eventually be the best day of their Lives.  

Without knowing the couples vision I would not be able to completely understand what they are looking for. A consultation is the opportunity for both parties to see if they are a right fit for each other. Its not about selling but to get to know each other and share ideas. At the end of the consultation, my goal is that the bride and groom feel comfortable in me presenting a personalized quote and plan for their Wedding Day Celebration. Along with the service fee, it will include a copy of a contract and my personal Peace of Mind Service Guarantee

I know couples like a price and I do not believe in cheesy sales tactics and a la carte pricing sheet.   My rates start at $1249 and incorporates all three service elements… Disc Jockey, Master of Ceremonies, and Entertainment Musical Coordination. It is not uncommon for a bride to visualize having their first dance on a cloud, having  their names presented on the dance floor or backdrop with a Gobo, or even having a production style set up such as a dance floor or special Decor Up-lighting to make the room pop. Its all about the details and during our consultation we will discuss everything.


Below is a brief outline of my DeeJay Absolute Wedding Services:

  • 3-5 in person planning sessions plus rehearsal (unlimited communication).

  • Piece of Mind Service Guarantee.

  • Depending on the clients personalized “Experience”, a Planning associate along with a partner Disc Jockey will be there the day of to assist DeeJay Absolute in all areas.

Disc Jockey – DeeJay Absolute

  • Seamless transitions of music between Ceremony, Cocktail, Dinner, and your Epic “Dance Party”.

  • Extensive music knowledge in all genres of music. Using Professional DJ skills and using Music to engage and energize. 

  • Knowing “How to Play”, “What to Play”, and “When to Play” the music is so important to an epic wedding celebration. Your grandma to your best friend will have an equally amazing time.

  • Custom Clear Sound – Your sound system will be designed with your floor plan in mind and your guests enjoyment. Everyone will be able to hear clearly all those special moments.

  • Custom Lighting – That will match the wedding decor, colours and vision. This will include not only the dance floor but for the entire venue. (Make your venue pop with properly placed up-lights.)

  • Clear communication with MC and Planner to ensure timeline is on track.

Master of Ceremonies

Your MC is not only the “Face” but the “Heart” of your entire reception. DeeJay Absolute will deliver your Wedding Vision with personality, professionalism, and style.

  • Greet guests during Ceremony, Cocktail Hour and when Reception Doors Open.

  • Work closely with Disc Jockey, venue, and planner.

  • Introduce Wedding Party to a “Fan Fare” Entrance.

  • Welcome speech and housekeeping.

  • Grace (if required).

  • Icebreaker(s) games (Kissing, Dinner Tables, Shoe Game, Anniversary Dance, etc.).

  • Make special Announcements (out of town guests, letters, emails, etc.).

  • Introduce all VIP speakers.

  • Clear Communication with DJ and Planner to ensure Timeline is on Track.

  • Passover duties to the Disc Jockey.

Planning and Coordination 

We will do whatever it takes to ensure your hard work and vision comes to life on your Wedding Day.

  • Full Ceremony and Reception coordination.

  • Creation of “Entertainment Timeline” that scripts seamless transitions between all “Signature Moments” (Grand Entrance, Dinner, Speeches, Cake Cutting, First Dance, Party Blast…).

  • Full communication with venue, Bridal Party, Family, Guests, and all vendors at all time.

  • Checking lighting and sound levels.

 Check out my Blog on hiring professionals Vendors and Prioritizing your Wedding the right way.

DeeJay Absolute will always be in constant communication ensuring your vision and timeline is always on track.  

DeeJay Absolute will do whatever it takes to make your Wedding Celebration an unforgettable experience.

If you are a couple wanting your wedding to be truly personalized and directed by a wedding specialist team then DeeJay Absolute would like to meet and learn more about your special day. Please call direct anytime or fill out a contact form for an email response.

I hope you enjoyed this article and found it helpful. I will look forward to the opportunity in meeting and learning more about your Wedding Day Celebration.

“DJing is not just about choosing a few good tunes. It is about generating shared moods, its about understanding the feelings of a group of people and through creativity of music and skill directing them to a better place.”

Mark Vanderende

DeeJay Absolute / Owner

Cell. 778-882-1236

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