The right details can make your corporate event special

Want to host a corporate event that truly wows your guests? Yeah, you do! Here are five fresh and unique ideas for mixing things up at your next company event, whether it’s a large on-site meeting, casual party, team-building exercise, or a conference.

Here are five creative corporate event tips to inspire you…

  1. Wow the crowd with a balloon ceiling

No, seriously. Have you ever seen a really dramatic balloon ceiling? It can add a TON of drama, texture, and colour to any room, plus they’re a relatively inexpensive feature with big bang impact.  Add a layered and impactful balloon ceiling to your next event, and it can really drop jaws when guests walk in the room.

This is where our event production expertise comes in (let’s face it, a DIY balloon ceiling won’t have the same dramatic effect). When our clients have a vision for a unique design, our job is to figure out how to build it safely, beautifully, and affordably.

Dramatic balloon ceiling for any corporate party

2. Dress up in unique staff outfits

You want every detail on point: the food, the decor, the music, and for the ultimate effect: themed staff outfits. We can help you choose and then execute unique themed staff outfits that really make the whole event an experience.

Here’s one example from a cool corporate event we planned where there were not only great themed details and elements like food and signage, but we also made sure the staff were decked out in referee shirts for added charm.

Fun themed staff outfits for a corporate event Emerald Events organized.

3. Make it personal with dessert signage

Thinking about setting up a dessert bar? Instagram-worthy custom dessert signs are a cute way to add branding and fun messaging to your corporate event. Use them to both let your guests know about the treats, as well as brand your company or sponsors. If you take a bit of extra time to plan out desserts and signage that are creative and special, your guests will likely Instagram the spread, and you get a little free organic promotion on top!

4. Set up an elegant corporate penthouse right in your office cafeteria!

Most of us would wince a little at the idea of hosting the office holiday party in a cold and loud corporate cafeteria, right? Well, with the right event planning and details,  you can transform your impersonal office cafeteria space from bright and uncomfortable into a truly intimate and chic penthouse-style club. We’ll help tuck away the plastic tables and cover the fluorescent lights—it’s all about drapery, fireplace roaring on a screen, marble covered bars, candle-lit walkways, and other details from a glamorous penthouse bar.

Transform your corporate spaces with the right lights and details

5. Make your own escape rooms

Escape rooms are super popular right now as a brilliant team-building exercise. With our help, you can create your own escape rooms in your corporate space. All it takes is some clever planning, drapes as partitions, different lighting, and some fun themed decor. It can be a fun, immersive experience that’s brilliant for team connection, and costs much less than renting out a space

These five ideas are just the tip of the party-planning iceberg. Emerald Events has a ton of creative ideas and trusted expertise to help you put together a truly memorable corporate event. With the right help and ideas, planning massive office parties, team-building activities, conferences, and more can be a smooth and rewarding experience that impresses your guests.

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