Your Summer Party Planning Guide

Throwing a summer party can be enjoyable and not too complicated, but it definitely requires some thoughtful planning. We can help.
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Pool parties are the perfect way to kick off summer

A fun-filled summer party in the sun is ideal for a range of events from birthdays and baby showers to backyard weddings and graduation BBQs. Think colourful cocktails, bare shoulders, and hot grills. Whether you want to woo clients, launch a new product, or celebrate your dad’s 60th, a summer party is sure to be a winner for making both corporate and personal connections. Here’s our advice for the basics of a perfect summer shindig.

Always keep your party goals in mind

Is the party for your friends and family or for your colleagues and clients? It’s a good idea to write out a list of objectives and goals before planning the party, so you have a more targeted and specific approach to every party aspect, including your budget.

Let’s start with refreshing drinks
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Cooling cocktails for your sun-filled soirees

You want to make sure the drinks flowing to keep everyone hydrated and happy. Thankfully, there are a ton of choices for warm weather imbibing. We recommend limiting your options to just a few awesome drinks rather than a ton of mediocre options. In addition, it’s crucial to keep everyone hydrated so keep plenty of water and alcohol-free options on hand. 

Here’s a list of summer drinks we love
  • White Wine
  • Prosecco
  • Rosé
  • Beer
  • Thirst-quenching cocktails like Mojitos, Negronis and Moscow Mules
Delicious and fun food 
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Fresh, healthy, and finger-licking good summer food.

Remember that a hungry guest is an angry guest, so make sure you have plenty of nibblies readily available from the minute your summer party gets started. That said, you don’t have to be formal or fuss over a sit-down dinner. Go for flexible options like an array of appies, a beautiful buffet, or bowls of chips, tortillas, tacos, and more. Also, if you can hold the event outdoors, get your BBQ going to provide a steady supply of burgers, steaks, hot dogs, and grilled veggies. Make sure to offer healthy, vegetarian and gluten free options, too. The 21st century no longer wants the same old menu.

Beach, backyard or poolside

Let’s face it, your venue can make or break the event. Without the right setting, your summer soiree can turn into a sloppy affair. You want to choose some place that’s accessible, beautiful, and practical for your needs. For the ideal summer party, think in terms of what’s comfy for your guests (seating, towels, blankets?), what will be fun and impressive to look at, and what will have the right facilities, like washrooms and parking, etc.

Entertainment is everything
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Dance your way through summer parties

Give people something to talk about! Maybe it’s just a great summer playlist playing on your state-of-the-art stereo system, or it maybe it’s real, live DJ or band. Whatever you choose, remember that good entertainment sets the tone and vibe of any summer event. You want to strike the right balance between the ambience of background tunes and the inspiration of truly engaging entertainment. Don’t forget to clear some space for dancing!

Have fun, no matter the weather
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Ready for summer fun? Bring on the sun hats, flip flops, drink umbrellas, and patio furniture!

Unfortunately, none of us can control the weather and summer skies in the Lower Mainland can be a little unpredictable. So, just keep an eye on the forecast, hope for the best, and if you plan on outdoor activities, make sure you have a backup plan in place for a last-minute venue or activity change if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

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