Easy and affordable ideas for your next kids’ party!

Here are three fun and simple kids’ party ideas with easy-to-throw-together themes. No big bucks to spend or crazy complex plans to stress over.
Crazy for circles: perfect for 2- to 4-year-olds
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How cute is this circle happy birthday cake?

From donuts and lollipops to balloons and Cheerios, there’s no shortage of circle-shaped things you can use to feed and decorate a circle party for your kids’ party. Toddler-age kids understand simple shapes and a circle party has endless creative possibilities. Polka dots, bubbles, jawbreakers, pancakes, googly eyes, pineapple rings, and so much more…Plus, when you sit the kids in circle time to play games, it really ties everything together!

Let’s get messy: great for 5- to 7-year-olds
messt paint splatter birthday cake

Paint splatter cake for your messy birthday dreams.










How fun would it be for a 5-year-old child to be told he’s allowed to make a huge mess and have a great time doing it? Pretty fun. This party idea is all about spills, splatters, goop, and silly string. In other words,  TOTALLY AWESOME. No need for perfection in every pretty detail! Picl up cans of washable hand paint, Silly String, and serve food that they can decorate themselves. How about a DIY slip and slide? Egg toss? Or, if you’re brave enough, FOOD FIGHT! Hot tip: set the scene with plastic tarps on the lawn, floors and walls.

Everyone loves a rainbow: ideal for 8-10 year olds.
rainbow cake

Pretty rainbow themed cake

A vibrant, multicoloured rainbow connection is pretty much all you need for the coolest birthday party for an 8-10 year-old. Stock up on rainbow candy, colorful stripes on everything, and, of course, a soundtrack of rainbow-themed music. Any good party store will have a plethora of rainbow-themed decor like ribbons, balloons, tablecloths, napkins, and more.  There are so many possibilities for food, like rainbow cake, fruit pizzas, rainbow candies, etc. 

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