5 reasons why you should hire a professional event planner

Whether you are needing to plan a wedding, corporate party, retirement shindig or major birthday celebration, hiring an event planner to help will make sure it’s a memorable success, take the stress off, and save you money thanks to their expert vision, skilled planning, and talented teams. 

We put together five great reasons it’s wise to hire an event planning professional like Emerald Events to plan your next big shindig! 

5 reasons to hire a professional event planner
1. Access to an expert network of vendors
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Find the most amazing vendors, including talented cake bakers

Good event planners have amazing connections in the event industry and a range of talented vendors, suppliers, and venues at their fingertips. From florists to caterers, they’ve worked with all different kinds and have seen them in action in a variety of settings. They know their work, have tasted their dishes, and are familiar with the magic each one is capable of creating. Bonus: sometimes you can get special rates via those connections as well!

2. The benefit of event planner expertise

Event planners know exactly what it takes to make your event successful, flow seamlessly, and perfectly organized. With the best team on board, every minute will be orchestrated, every detail beautifully sorted, and every guest cared for in gracious style. 

3. Save so much time

Hiring an event planner is truly invaluable in terms of the time it will save you. If you were doing all the planning yourself, think of all the time you would need to spend detailing and worrying about the intricacies of your event. Instead, you can sit back and rest easy knowing that the pros are taking care of things and checking in with you only when needed and to bring you up to speed. 

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Seamless event design is part of the package with many event planners.

4. Practically stress-free experience

Planning a big event can take a toll on you when you plan it all yourself. Event planners put your mind at ease and have solutions for all of your questions. In addition, you’ll be stress-free and able to enjoy yourselves fully, both during the lead-up and on the special day!

5. Keep your budget on track

Experienced event planners can actually save you money. They know how to stick to a budget, costs to expect, corners to cut, and how to get the biggest bang for your buck. The end result? Less waste, lower overall costs, and a connection between your dreams and the reality of your big day. 

Ready to talk to a talented event planner? 

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