Big wedding dreams on a small budget

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Outdoor weddings can save you money

Emerald Events’ tips for saving money while still making your wedding magical. 
Big dreamers, don’t despair. Do you have visions of a lavish wedding but find yourself working with a small budget? The good news is that it’s still possible to make the magic happen. We can help you with that. It helps to have the expertise of an experienced planner to show you all the money-saving tips and tricks. You can still have a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception without going overboard on your budget. 
Cost-Effective Wedding Tips
1. It’s all about your guest list

This is one of the best variables to help make your wedding dreams more affordable. With each added person on the guest list, the cost of your wedding goes up. Maybe people like your second cousin Linda and her new boyfriend may not need to celebrate your wedding with you.  

You can opt for hosting a smaller, more intimate celebration. Maybe try cutting down your guest list to only your closest friends and family. You can also opt to invite more guests to the wedding ceremony, then host a smaller reception with only the closest people in your life.

2.  Choose your venue wisely

The venue is the other largest chunk of your budget. It can cost up to almost half of the overall wedding cost! You can reduce or remove that cost entirely by hosting your ceremony and reception at your own home, your parent’s home, or in a public park.

Note: a planner will help you come up with a backup plan if you do decide to host it in an outdoor space. Plan B is always crucial. 

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Make your wedding dreams come true without breaking the bank

3. Ask friends and family to help out

Another smart option for saving money is asking talented and skilled family and friends to pitch in with creative and organizational talents instead of buying you wedding gifts. Maybe your cousin is a DJ, your aunt is a florist, and your friend plays the violin. 

4. DIY when you can

You can save major money by taking care of certain event aspects yourself. Just make sure it will be worth the time and effort, though, and give yourself adequate time to get it done amidst all of the other planning. For example, don’t stay up til 2am the night before the wedding to bake your own wedding cake!

6. Choose the right date and time

There are some clever ways to save based on what day, time, and season you plan your wedding. For example, you can avoid the expense of a sit-down meal having an afternoon wedding and making the reception more like cocktail party with bite-sized nibblies. 

Also, if you opt to have the wedding on a Friday or Sunday, you could save up to half on venue costs. On those days, you’ll also have more vendor availability—talented cake makers, photographers and DJs book up quickly on popular days like Saturdays. 

Another aspect is the time of year: keep in mind that September and October are some of the most popular months to get married, so costs tend to be higher. Check the most popular seasons are in your area, and plan accordingly. 

There are so many more ways to have a gorgeous, debt-free wedding. Hiring an event planner like Emerald Events makes it so much easier to put your plan into affordable action. Reach out to us anytime. 

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