Wedding Traditions You Don’t Have to Follow

Your wedding to-do list is long and growing by the minute. Emerald Events is here to help you decide what wedding traditions are keepers and what you can cross off your list. 

It might seem like there’s some universal big book of event planning rules and wedding traditions, but the truth is that that mythical book doesn’t exist. This is your day, your union, your rules. Don’t hesitate to make it feel exactly right for you as a 21st century couple and for your lovely guests. Search “non-traditional wedding” on Pinterest and you’ll find a ton of ingenious ideas. Obviously, there are some standard practices surrounding weddings that are set by tradition and our culture as a whole, but traditions can be broken and made into something fresh and new. If it feels right, why not throw convention out the window and elevate your wedding day into something that’s even more memorable and fitting for you as a couple? 

Here are some wedding traditions (and myths!) to keep in mind as you’re planning
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Non-traditional wedding details

 Myth 1: Your decor must incorporate flowers

Keep in mind that your decor doesn’t have to be loaded with flowers to be beautiful. Modern alternatives like feathers, wild greenery, candles, pampas grass, and more can be as chic and elegant as florals. They can even add a more contemporary touch. If you still want to include florals, though, but want it to be minimal, consider using a mix of modern florals or floral still life. Personalize your decor and make it truly reflective of you as a couple, your interests, and your tastes. Check out some wedding trends for 2019 and beyond.

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Think of fresh new ways to involve kids in your big day

Myth 2: You have to include children in your ceremony.

Let’s face it, not all kids want to walk down the aisle and face hundreds of people as they bring you the ring. There are other ways you can incorporate the special children in your life without putting pressure on them to ‘perform’. You don’t really want a meltdown in the middle of your wedding, do you? If you’re set on including kids in your ceremony, make sure to talk with their parents first and consider having mom or dad escort the little one down the aisle.

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A white suit and a pink dress add modern style to a wedding

Myth 3: You must wear white!

Not true. Feel free to throw tradition to the wind and show some colour and modern style! Think about which colours you really love, that you feel best wearing, and that reflect your style and passions. If your style is daring, it will feel good to show that off in your wedding attire. Of course, if you still love white and want to embrace tradition, just go with it! Just don’t feel that you HAVE to wear white if something else feels better.

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Celebrate with your friends without traditional bridal party roles

Myth 4: You must have a bridal party

It’s lovely to want to include your closest friends and family on your special day, but keep in mind that those VIPs in your life can still take part without serving in traditional roles. Let’s be real—most people would probably rather not spend lots of money on a new dress, festivities, your bachelorette party, travel and more. Your friends are there to celebrate your union and have fun. If you want, you can still invite them to your room to get ready with you, then set them free to relax and enjoy your nuptials.

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There are many fun and delicious alternatives to a wedding cake

Myth 5: You must have a wedding cake.

Don’t feel like you have to have a cake if you don’t really like it or want to opt for something deliciously different! The cake cutting tradition is popular, but you can replace it with something more authentic and less cliche. Your guests really only care about trying the delicious dessert, not the cake cutting itself. If you’re looking for a good photo op, there are plenty of other opportunities. For dessert alternatives, opt for something like a dessert table, pop-up pie shoppe, or beautiful multi-coloured macarons.

What other wedding traditions do you think you can take or leave? Or ones that belong back in the 20th century? Please share with us below!

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