Find the Perfect Event Venue with these Helpful Insider Tips!

Finding the perfect venue just got easier! We asked Emerald Event’s principal and event planner, Maureen Brown, for her best advice on finding the perfect space for virtually any event and celebration. 

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It can be fun and exciting to explore options for stunning event spaces

Every event is unique and has distinct requirements, but what are some overall aspects that you look for in an event venue when helping your clients choose? 
  • Size: is the event venue size and space appropriate to fit the needs of the celebration?
  • Availability: does the venue provide enough time for load-in, load-out, and the full run of the event? 
  • Event venue facilities: you usually need water, power, washrooms, and a kitchen…
  • Look and feel: Does the overall style of the event fit the event venue? If not, can the venue be adjusted to meet that look/style?
  • Parking, public transit and taxis: are they available and even if it’s very late at night?
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A truly stunning event venue for an eye-catching celebration

Are there any must-haves that you require in a venue, whether it’s for a wedding, corporate party, or bat mitzvah?

The venue must must have washrooms, water, power, lighting—in certain situations, these may be something we bring in if they don’t exist there. 

Probably the most important thing is whether the venue is available in the total amount of time we need to create and host the event that the client wants.

Any red flags/warning signs to look for when touring potential venues? 
  • Tight timelines: can we make it work?
  • Venue doesn’t look safe: beware open wiring, uneven floors, poor lighting. These are potential dangers that we cannot work with or around.
  • Venue staff: are they hard to work with? If so, it’s a no-go.
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Create your desired atmosphere with the perfect event space

Any words of wisdom for people thinking about planning a special event and trying to decide on the ideal location? 
  • Find the venue that best meets your vision of the event, keeping in mind the distance guests would have to travel
  • Find out whether there will be enough time to have full run of the event—often, people don’t allow enough time to load-in and load-out.
  • What are the most important elements of your event and does the venue encompass them? For example, if your event is airplane-themed, a hanger with planes may be a better choice than a barn or hotel banquet room. 
What are your tips for finding the perfect venue? Any must-haves on your list? We’d love to hear from you.

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