How to find the perfect shoes for your wedding day

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Well help you find the perfect shoes to complete your wedding day look

Weddings and shoes: two things that make our hearts beat faster. Here are Emerald Events’ top tips for making sure your bridal shoes are exactly the right fit, in every sense of the word. 

Finding the right shoes for your wedding can be complicated. It’s more than just picking out the first pair that look cute. Remember that you’ll be spending most of your wedding day on your feet. The last thing you want is to be hobbling around in blister-making heels (no matter how beautiful they are). Here are some helpful tips to remember as you shop for your dream wedding shoes.

wedding, wedding shoes, events, emerald events

Hot pink heels may not suit traditional brides, but don’t be afraid to go vibrant if it suits your style!

Your wedding shoes don’t have to be white.

White satin wedding shoes are traditional but there’s no rule book that says that is the only way to go. Modern brides are now choosing shoes outside classic colour and fabric limitations to better suit their personal style. Don’t be afraid to play around with bold colours, vintage styles, or unique textures and details. Find the shoes that make your eyes go wide. If you’re smart, you’ll find ones that you can wear again and again, even after the wedding.

And guess what? They don’t even have to be heels. 

Find your dress before you find your shoes. 

While it’s fun to break out of the confines of ivory satin heels, it’s still important that your shoes feel cohesive with your dress. Find your wedding dress before you find your shoes, rather than the other way around. That way, you can choose shoes that feel right with the style, colour and details of your dress. If your dress is informal and champagne-coloured, your shoes can play with that same colour, texture, and informality. You don’t have to be matchy-matchy, though: a pair of converse high tops or vibrant neon heels with a modern wedding dress is a bold and exciting move!

Make sure to leave room in the budget for your shoes. 

Let’s be real: if you’re going to be standing for hours in heels on one of the biggest days of your life, don’t skimp on the shoes. For the sake of the look, the dress, the wedding, and your precious feet: don’t be afraid to spend a little more on beautiful, comfortable, wear-them-forever shoes! You don’t have to spend an outrageous amount, but you should probably skip the discount chains.

Above all else: make sure you fall in love with the shoes. 

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Even the simplest, classic black pumps can elevate your wedding day look.

Bring your shoes to the first (and every other) dress fitting.

You’ll definitely want to take your wedding shoes to every dress fitting. It allows you to see the ensemble together and for the tailor to assess the right hem length, height and other measurements. it also lets you see your full ensemble cohesively (and get sort of nervous and heart-pounding excited about your big day!)

If you remember only one tip, make it this: don’t choose uncomfortable shoes!

Even if they’re gorgeous, even if they’re made by your favourite designer, even if they’re the hottest heel ever, you will be so incredibly pissed at yourself for choosing painful shoes.  You’ll spend hours walking down the aisle, standing and posing photos, greeting every one of your guests, dancing with your new husband, and much more. You want to be enjoying every moment instead of hobbling around on throbbing feet! Obviously, the way to ensure comfort is to try the shoes on and walk around before buying and break them in before your wedding day! At least around the house or the office. 

Bonus tip: maybe pack a second pair of shoes.

Whichever gorgeous shoes you choose, we recommend finding a second pair as back-up. You may want to switch to flats for dancing, for example, or have one pair for the ceremony and another for the reception. 

Boutiques in Greater Vancouver that carry wedding shoes (oh, and gorgeous dresses too!):
Lord’s Shoes
Bisou Bridal
David’s Bridal
Do you have some good advice on the perfect wedding shoes? We’d love to hear from you about that, or anything else you want to chat about. Reach out to us anytime 604-603-7299 or


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