Event planning during Coronavirus: How to navigate the unexpected while planning your wedding

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Make sure you have a backup plan for the unexpected

We know it can be incredibly stressful when planning your wedding. No matter how many hours you’ve devoted to every little detail, sometimes the unexpected happens—the current pandemic Coronavirus is a scary example. Even the most organized wedding planner sometimes has to deal with conditions beyond their control. Now is the time to prepare for the unexpected. We’ve put together some helpful tips for how to do just that. A Plan B is good peace of mind. 

Try not to get too stressed

We know this can be anxiety-inducing and emotional but try to let your sensible and thoughtful self stay in the driver’s seat. Have a meeting with your wedding planner and evaluate your options. Create your Plan B and feel better. 

Evaluate your contracts. 

It’s essential that you have a thorough understanding of your vendor contracts, especially the cancellation policies. Some will have clauses for natural disasters (the Coronavirus is one such example) and other unpredictable stumbling blocks. Other contracts may specify as “non-refundable” and/or “non-transferrable”. Our #1 tip is always read the fine print before signing! Keep all of the contracts organized in a folder or envelope for easy access and reference. Have you already invested in insurance? If not, do. You want things to be as flexible and comprehensive as is feasible.

Stay in touch with vendors. 

Whether it’s the caterer, the florist, or the hairdresser, many vendors will go out of their way to find a solution to any challenges that might come up. Just remember to communicate with them about everything and speak respectfully and calmly. They are more likely to be cooperative and flexible that way.

You may have to postpone. 

It’s one of the hardest decisions, but if you’ve weighed all of your options and there’s no way around it, postponing the wedding may be your best option. During a time like this Coronavirus pandemic, the safety of you and your family and friends is most important. Try to make the best of the heartbreak of the delay. 

Keep your guests in the know. 

When it comes to natural disasters and situations like a pandemic, you are not the only ones who are uncertain about attending and hosting planned events, especially with destination weddings with travel. Inform and update your guests as things develop and offer a phone number for them to check in with you. If you have a wedding website, it can serve as an update resource as the situation and things evolve. If you postpone the wedding, it’s a good idea to call guests individually.

Try to stay positive! 

No matter what happens, try to look at the upsides and keep a healthy perspective. While your wedding is important, it can wait an extra few months or year. Team up with your loved ones and support each other through this.

Do you have any questions about what to do about your own event during unforeseen adversities like the current Coronavirus pandemic? Get in touch anytime.

Staying safe and healthy is always most important. 


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