Baby Showers 2021:Here are the Essentials

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Beautiful ways to celebrate a new baby in 2021

If you have the special task of showering a new mom, dad, or both, we’ve got all the essentials and rules for you to make it special and take away some of the questions and worries you may have. It might be especially new to you if it’s a virtual baby shower in light of Covid-19 restrictions. The nice things is, planning a baby shower is kind of like baking a cake —you just need love, patience, time, and the right ingredients. We’ll help you get the perfect baby shower ingredients all lined up.

Mom-to-be is the real MVP.

Yes, you want guests to have a nice time, but the guest of honour should always be the main focus. Keep in mind her wishes and personality and make sure she’s comfortable with the theme, ideas, etc. Some may prefer to have a party with just women, while others want a mixed gender party. Some prefer to open the presents privately, while others love showing everyone the cute baby presents and gear. If it’s an in-person event, keep in mind how the weather is and if mom will be comfy in the heat and shade, etc. Give her the most comfy seat in the room!

Bring on the delish food and drinks.

Make sure the guests are well-fed is an obvious one, but it’s especially true for an in-person baby show. Just make sure it’s plentiful, fresh, and has some variety or the vegans, vegetarians, and others. Keep in mind the baby mama’s wishes in regards to food, as well— she may have pregnancy diet restrictions. Signature mocktails are a nice idea for a daytime baby shower. For baby showers over Zoom or Facetime, you can send you a recipes ahead of time or arrange to deliver some treats to each guest’s home.

Are you into baby shower games & activities?

Some people can’t stand them, but some people LOVE them! Even if mom-to-be isn’t really into baby shower games, it’s a good idea to incorporate some kind of fun activity to keep people engaged. They really help to break the ice and encourage mingling. You can opt for trivia, crafts like onesie decoration, or others. For virtual showers, you can adapt the activity or make the gift opening the main focus. Just make sure all gifts are delivered to mom ahead of time.

Keeping things on time

It’s wise to keep a time limit for any event, but especially virtual ones. Just one hour is usually ideal. Be sure to include both start and end times on the invitation, and allow some time at the beginning for people to sign in and chit-chat. and for you to fix any technical issues.

There are plenty of other ways to make a special, memorable party for your friend, sister, cousin for her baby shower. Let us know if we can help you plan the details and take the load off your hands! That’s our specialty — we know how to make it memorable.


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