How to throw a fun wedding after-party

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Celebrate your union long after the ceremony ends

Want to throw an official wedding after-party? Many modern couples are choosing to host a wedding after-party, which is a celebration after your ceremony and reception are over. The celebration doesn’t have to end when your reception does!

What the heck is a wedding after-party?

It’s a post-reception gathering that lets you and your friends keep the fun going! It’s a more casual and relaxed event where you can hang and dance and let loose. No formalities necessary. Additionally, sometimes the after-party may be the only setting where you can dance— especially if your reception venue has an early curfew or other limitations.

You can make the after-party feel fitting for you and your friends. You can make it a club-style dance party, but if you’re more laid back, you might want to just have some cocktails and lounge seating for comfortable conversation and catch up with old friends. If your wedding was on or near the water, you could opt for a beach bonfire as your after party setting. However, for an urban wedding, maybe hitting a bar or pub nearby feels right. Another convenient option is to have the celebration in the same venue, but in another area–perfect for hotels and resorts.

Wedding after-party tips and ideas

Lose the wedding dress. Well, don’t LOSE it, but take it off and change into something you can really let loose in. The after-party isn’t the best place for your gorgeous gown. This is where you can let your hair down and get more comfortable. You can wear a more casual dress, or just throw on your jeans. We love a bride wearing an elegant jumpsuit.

Provide some nibblies. The after party food can be one of the best parts for food, and you can keep it casual, like tacos, pizza, burgers, fries, etc. Try theming it with your location and opting for local and in-season food. Another fab idea is hiring a food truck to be there to serve your after party guests.

Don’t forget photos! Some of the best, most memorable moments happen here at the after-party, so you can either arrange to have your photographer stay all night to snap amazing photos, or provide each table with a Polaroid or disposable camera to snap away as you mix, mingle, and dance.

How about some entertainment? Surprise your guests with something fun and unexpected, like a karaoke setup, a jukebox for playing tunes, a photo booth for taking fun portraits, or even live music to set the celebratory tone.

Finally, just a little something. No matter how you decide to celebrate at your wedding after party, don’t forget to send after party guests off with a little bag with cures for their hangover the next morning. They’ll be very grateful.

Party planning is what we know by heart, so if you’re looking for help in planning any aspect of your special day, you know who to email or call!


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