Orpheum Theater

When planning your event don’t forget about the Orpheum theater. I recently had the pleasure of spending an afternoon touring the Orpheum Theater as a venue. What an beautiful and versatile space we have here in Vancouver. This grand old lady is available for rental it will meet all of your event needs including Weddings and Corporate events.

The Orpheum originally opened its doors in 1927 as a vaudeville house and has been saved from being demolished and been restored to its original beauty. The color scheme for the interior (ivory, moss green, gold and burgundy) is  brought back to life and is stunning.

The crew led by Peter Kendall have everything down to a fine art and can help you with your questions around set up, capacity in the various spaces, catering and tips for bridal procession. The outer areas of the Orpheum consists of a series of interconnected lobbies staggered at various levels. The beautiful grand staircase leading to the Seymour lobby is an amazing setting for your wedding. processional The stage and seating are also available and is another awe inspiring location that can be used for events. Dinner and dancing on the stage is magical, the lower seats can be removed for additional tables and seating of up to 300 people.

Although this building may be more expensive than some it will certainly reduce your costs on decorations as the Orpheum ambiance is in place already.

A big thank you to Melissa Gidney for the use of her beautiful photgraphy

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