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Flowers, champagne, and finery at a tea party-themed event.

Tea parties are fun, elegant and versatile. Celebrate a shower, birthday party, or any other intimate event with this theme!

I attended a girlfriend’s tea party-themed birthday celebration a few years ago. I’ll never forget it. It was beautiful and personalized. She had elegant trays overflowing with scones, cucumber sandwiches, delicate vintage tea cups and tea pots, tall glasses of Pimm’s, and china brimming with spring flowers. Definitely Instagram-worthy.

Although you might think this theme is best for a feminine event, it can be adapted based on your attendees. In fact, it doesn’t mean male friends or family won’t love it too! Keep an open mind about who might enjoy it. Additionally, tea parties can be adapted to be intimate with just a small group, or expanded into a larger event with a large group of family and friends.

Fresh flowers and champagne at a lovely tea party themed birthday party

Set a great atmosphere and sophisticated vibe for the tea party! Ask your guests to wear their favourite dressy outfits. Also, decorate with lovely details like linen tablecloths, plentiful flowers, tea lights, ribbons, calligraphy, silverware, and delicate floral china.

Tea parties are the perfect event to offer a flowing buffet of themed drinks and light refreshments. In particular, include a variety of teas (of course!) plus tea-time favourites like cream scones with fresh preserves, finger sandwiches, and traditional Brit sweets like trifle and madeleines. It’s also a nice idea to offer champagne and a few other cocktail options, too. Delicious, delicate, and visually pleasing.

tea party, theme, baby shower, buffet, food, tea,
Emerald Events created a baby shower with a tea party theme

Tea Party Menu

  • Wide variety of pots of tea
  • Little finger sandwiches like ​egg salad, cucumber and cream cheese, and smoked salmon
  • Fresh fruit and trifle desserts
  • Tea cookies
  • Traditional green salads
  • Pretty decorated cupcakes
  • Pimm’s cocktails and flutes of champagne

In summary, there are so many possibilities for a tea party themed event. Have you ever attended a tea party event? What details would you include? Tell us more below or send us a message

We have a good supply of tea cups and pots always on hand ready for the next tea party!

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