Throwing a baby shower? Here’s how you make mama-to-be feel special.

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This event is the perfect time to shower the expecting mother and father in love and support.

Planning a baby shower is a joy and honour. Before baby arrives, you have the special duty of showering the mom (and maybe dad, too) with loads of love and much-needed baby gear to help them prepare for this momentous life change. Here are five tips for throwing a baby shower that will make any expectant mama feel grateful and loved. That’s really what it’s all about.
“Baby” the mother-to-be!

This is your chance to really pamper your expectant friend or family member. She may be feeling tired, physically uncomfortable, and just a little overwhelmed. Make this an event where she can sit back and not worry about a thing. Set up a special comfy seat of honour just for her, maybe a mani/pedi before the shower, or maybe even a masseuse to soothe her (and other guests, too, if possible!) while she enjoys connecting with friends. Just make sure she’s fully relaxed and knows how much she’s loved.

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Connect, comfort and celebrate those you love

Make sure the food is versatile

Pregnant women will have dietary restrictions and may even have a special diet. Check in with the special mama-to-be before deciding on the food. She can also let you know if her BFF is vegan, or if her Nana is gluten-intolerant, etc, so you have all of your menu bases covered. Thinking about serving alcohol to guests? Just ask the guest of honour to get her blessing first.

Reusable + giftable shower decor

Want to know one of Emerald Events’ best party-planning ideas? Keep this in your back pocket for all future events and parties you host: think of decor ideas that are 100% reusable and actually giftable. No waste, no mess, and you save money, too. So what do we mean by giftable decor?  For a baby shower, how about stacks of beautiful baby books? Maybe pretty coloured onesies hung on a clothesline, or a pile of soft balls on the table. Really it can be anything the family can take home and use when the baby’s born!

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Get creative with baby shower decor and food

Skip the greeting cards

In lieu of cards, ask guests to find a special baby book and ask them to sign it! It’s a thoughtful touch and something the child will keep forever with the sweet words you wrote for the growing family. Baby’s library will be nicely stocked up. 

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The other baby shower guest of honour is the baby, of course

Make sure the games suit the expecting mama

Let’s face it, certain people are ‘”game people” and certain people are not. Your guest of honour may be totally into it, but only select games that suit her friends and family.  Check in with her beforehand to get her feedback and ideas around this topic. If it’s not a unisex shower, you may want to coordinate a surprise appearance of dad-to-be at the end. 

To sum things up: be creative, be thoughtful, and be mindful of the unique needs and wants of your loved one, the expectant parent. This is a perfect opportunity to shower them with love, comfort, and the excitement of their new baby on the way. Let us know if you need any help planning your next baby shower or any other event.


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