Modern New Wedding Trends for 2021

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Exceptional floral display worthy of an exceptional 2021 wedding

Just like regular fashion, wedding trends are definitely influenced by everything from movies and technology to current events — and yes, even the current pandemic is having an effect on wedding trends! We put together five stand-out wedding trends and ideas to give you hope and inspiration for your big day in 2021 and/or beyond. We continue to adapt and personalize your events in order to make them as safe and fun as possible, all while 100% adhering to COVID-19 regulations.

Five new wedding trends and ideas

Welcome boxes

What’s a welcome box, you ask? Well, for destination weddings, welcome gifts for guests aren’t anything new, but thanks to social distancing, people are rethinking elements and giving out wedding welcome boxes. For 2021, brides and grooms are providing their cherished guests with curated welcome boxes, either on arrival or delivered ahead of your big day. They often contain coronavirus essentials like masks, sanitizer, as well as just fun and personalized favours. Welcome boxes help to make your guests feel pampered and cared for, plus they boost a safer experience! This is perfect for virtual guests, too — send them a welcome box ahead of time with a cocktail kit and music playlist.

Live and diverse entertainment  

Dancing is no longer a realistic option because of social distancing, so couples are rethinking the fun and opening things up to live entertainment during the ceremony and reception. Live bands are always fab, of course, but a variety of performers can really add layers of fun and interest. Couples are going for stand-up comedians, dancers, magicians, and more. It makes your day super memorable for everyone, and you’ll also be supporting performers and artists who’ve really struggled to make a living during the pandemic.

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Elegant looks for a modern bride

Modern and fresh bridal fashion

For 2021, brides are getting bolder and re-thinking the wedding gown. Couples are adapting the wedding to include things like a “minimony” and then in-person parties on other dates, so there’;s a need for varied outfits for different days/occasions. 2021 brides are taking more of a ready-to-wear approach. Without the restrictions of traditional elements, we’re seeing vibrant, bold colours, modern jumpsuits, ultra-chic and bold accessories, and more. It’s all about what you feel most comfortable and beautiful wearing, so don’t worry about fitting anyone else’s mold.

Creative catering ideas

COVID-19 safety has had a significant impact on options for wedding catering. IN order to fit safety regulations and keep everyone feeling safe and cared for, we’re seeing creative and fun wedding food ideas for 2021. Here are just a few new catering ideas we’re seeing:

  • Mini charcuterie boards, one-per-guest or shared between couples
  • Fun picnic baskets and bento boxes for outdoor occasions
  • Self-contained appetizers for cocktail hour
  • Signature cocktails in customized bottles or cans
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Modern floral arrangements to add vibrancy to your 2021 wedding

Special and modern florals

Exceptional and grand floral displays will never fail to wow your guests. Guest lists this year may be smaller, but wedding flowers seem to be getting bigger and bolder. It’s an effective way to make a larger space feel more intimate, especially when you have fewer guests. Why not opt for non-traditional floral options, like dried flowers, unique blooms, painted foliage, and some other fresh and modern floral designs?

What wedding trends are you seeing and loving? We’d love to hear what you think is new and awesome for 2021 wedding trends.

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